About frost-resistant fruiting Kiwi from Transcarpathia

Hypothetically we assumed that kiwi as a plant belongs to the genus Actinidia. So, in its genetics (based on the regions of natural origin) it can have the ability to a certain hardiness, frost resistance and relatively short growing season.
During the selection, breeding and other manipulations as with seeds, so with originated phenotypes, we had got a plant, which showed sufficient frost resistance (no covering for winter season needed), hardiness and was able to ripen fruits in the given weather conditions.
During the subsequent years this sort was put on trials. They showed its ability to endure cold weather with no significant damage to the plant up to –30 C without any protective measures (covering etc.).
Also, we have determined that these properties and characteristics are fixed at the genetic level and appear at least in 80% of the autogamous (self-pollinating) seeds phenotypes. We have named this genotype 'Kiwi KARPAT STRATONA the VALENTINE'.
Considering its biology and genetics, this variety is suitable for cultivating at personal gardens, as well as at large agricultural areas as an espalier plant.
The other significant advantage of the open ground cultivation in Ukraine is that there is no need to use pesticides in farming. So you can grow organic fruits and practice organic farming.
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