Kiwi-Land, LLC provides landscape ideas and design services for gardens, residential, urban and other green areas.
Among our implemented and executed projects we can mention several courtyards, hotel complexes and large estate areas beautification.
We provide the whole range of services–conceptual ideas and project development, examples of landscape design, outdoor works and landscape gardens maintenance (including proper plants selection and matching, as well as installation of necessary equipment).
We provide the variety of solutions for:
- rock gardens, rockeries, dendrological gardens;
- green lawns, flowerbeds, hedges;
- winter gardens, arrangement of indoor green spaces (halls, lobbies, etc.);
- decorative bee-gardens, waterfalls, streams, ponds, fountains and selection of water plants (lilies, frost-resistant kiwi plants);
Objects and their elements of the abovementioned solutions can be created by our company; there is none of natural origin. Water streams and fountains work with help of self-contained, closed-loop system and water is constantly recirculated by special equipment and materials.
The Center also deals with propagation and cultivation of decorative plants– both coniferous and leaf-bearing trees and shrubs, fruit trees and berry plants, water plants as well as fancy fishes breeding (gold fish, koi carps etc.).
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